Individual Nutrition Assessment & Therapy

At Hope Nutrition Therapy, we provide individualized, creative, nurturing and dynamic one-on-one sessions focused on understanding and healing your relationship with food, body image, exercise, and/or weight. Because these aspects of life have often been riddled with shame, guilt, and secrecy, we understand the importance of ensuring you feel safe, heard, and understood.

We strive to understand your eating and feeding relationship from birth to present. We use a trust-based model, working to reduce conflict and fear with food.

Through treatment, we hope to soften the rules and messages of the eating disorder or diet mentality, giving way to the body’s own inherent, unique wisdom and ability to internally regulate via appetite, hunger, and fullness. The amount of structure needed to reach this point varies depending on the extent of the eating struggles and how far you are from a place of internal regulation.

Talk sessions usually begin at a weekly frequency in order to gain momentum towards healing and then become less frequent as more freedom is found and integrated into your life. Sometimes our work includes experiential sessions like meal and snack outings, grocery shopping, cooking, and baking.

Treatment is fully grounded in a Health at Every SizeĀ® framework. From working at all levels of care, we understand the unprecedented value in augmenting individual sessions with didactic and experiential sessions, as you feel ready.

We have the utmost respect for those who embark on this freedom journey and understand that walking with someone through recovery is truly sacred ground. We are passionate about clients living more free and know that this is possible. Treatment, therefore, is filled with hope.

Experiential Sessions

Meal & Snack Outings

Facing challenging foods and settings, in your own timing and with specialized support.

Grocery Shopping

Navigating the marketing of food and multitude of diet claims.

Cooking & Baking

Learning how to return to the joy and intimacy of planning for, preparing, and enjoying food in your own home.