Dietitian Supervision

Supervision by Diane for clinicians training to treat, or already treating, those with eating disorders or disordered eating.

Aurora Borealis, Iceland, Nov 2022

A note from Diane Summers, MS, RDN, CD:

Hi. I am so glad you are here and considering supervision. I am a nationally registered and state certified dietitian with extensive experience treating eating disorders at all levels of care.

I did my Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutritional Sciences at Seattle Pacific University and my clinical internship at the University of Washington, with a specialization in Medical Nutrition Therapy. My interest in eating disorders began as an undergraduate Peer Advisor at SPU, which involved being a part of the University’s first eating disorders task force, resulting in the launch of SPU’s first eating disorder treatment team housed within the Counseling Center. I started my eating disorder career working at the inpatient level of care in Wickenburg, Arizona from 2004-2009 and later transitioned into management, supervising the team of inpatient dietitians. I did a brief stint in Res/PHP levels of care as I built my private practice in 2010. My passion for eating disorder work stemmed from being raised with a trust based, intuitive eating model. I was also deeply impacted by a dear friend and roommate who struggled with anorexia and invited me into her healing process. I knew the moment I stepped foot into my first eating disorder rotation as a dietetic intern that I had found my place in the world of nutrition. And, I haven’t looked back. I can’t believe I have the privilege and honor of working with some of the most amazing humans in this world. I am a nationally registered (RDN) and state certified dietitian (CD).

I work very solidly from a Health at Every Size®, Intuitive/Mindful Eating framework. I believe that health is very complex, impacted by factors far beyond food, and cannot be determined by a number on the scale. I believe that clients will benefit from varying ranges of structure in healing their relationship with food, depending on how far they are from internal regulation and how dissociated they are from their own embodied experience.

I am constantly learning with my most recent endeavors being graduate studies in counseling psychology and three years of training (certificate, externship, & apprenticeship) in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I also just recently completed a Master of Science in Human-Canine Life Sciences, with hopes of creating a world where service dogs are routinely placed with those suffering from eating disorders, to support them in their day-to-day lives and aid in their recovery.

I am also learning about how my white, cis, heteronormative, straight-sized, Christian, middle class, able-bodied, educated, and neurotypical identities have prevented me from seeing and understanding all the levels of body oppression that exist in this world. I am committed to ongoing learning and the work to dismantle systems that target those who hold multiple non-dominant systemic identities through listening, learning, and action. My love for the nutritional therapeutic realm, in addition to my passion for transformational education, contributes to the excitement and anticipation I will bring to our supervisory relationship.