Therapy Dog

Patmon is a golden retriever therapy dog who graduated in May 2017 from Bergin University of Canine Studies and has brought joy and comfort to Diane’s practice ever since.

Patmon is trained in mobility and PTSD, and therefore has the unique gift of tracking the emotions of others. With his tender and perceptive heart, he seeks to be with clients in whatever way they feel most supported by his presence. This could include lying across their laps, sleeping on their feet, giving an occasional kiss or receiving a hug, or just observing and expressing care from his crate or through the zoom screen with his big, loving brown eyes for those who prefer space. He can bring smiles by showing off his party tricks, including turning on and off lights, taking off socks, and retrieving Diane’s cell phone.

He loves to incessantly play ball when he is off the clock, switching to his glow in the dark ball when the sun goes down. Patmon looks forward to returning to in-person care with clients in the greater Seattle to Bellingham corridor after the pandemic and until then is always up for saying hi and providing support via the Zoom screen.